With advanced technology, today we have the luxury to opt artificial lighting sources on grounds like quality and money savings. And this foremost reason behind led lighting franchise nowadays. Demand for lighting products particularly requires when you want more light to brighten up wider areas. Nowadays more and more people are choosing Fancy Lights Stand, Crystal Light Stand,  Fancy Light, Wall lightning, Fancy Glass Lights, Decorative Light, LED Lights and Antique Lightning etc. for this purpose.

Let me put an example of LED (light emitting diode) lights so that you can better understand the reason behind the increasing demand for lighting business.  From the past few years, lights are not used for household consumption but for various purposes as well according to their classification & functionality. These other purposes of lights include lighting for traffic signals, aviation lighting, tunnel lighting, automotive lighting, driveway and garage lighting, advertising, bulletin boards, for the adornment of building facades on the occasion of festivals, marriages and parties etc. Another reason for increasing demand for lights is the benefits from its usage. These are mentioned below:

  • Energy efficient – These lights use up to 80% less energy than the standard lighting. Imagine how much you can save on that electricity bill, especially when you have had to light up wide outdoors to organize that grand birthday bash to celebrate your darling daughter’s first birthday or an official gathering to celebrate the success of a business venture.
  • Durable – One can count on these lights when it comes to robustness and longevity.
  • Safety – The lights that were generally brought in use previously consumed a lot of energy and thus the level of heat emitted was also high. But with these lights energy consumed and heat emitted are relatively low, or to say, least.
    Color choice – The general fluorescent lights rarely provide any variety when it came down to color choice. But at Gopi Chand and son lights can be chosen from a large spectrum of colors.
  • Affordable – You may have to spend just a little more on these lights than you did on those old-fashioned bulbs, but they still are affordable. And with savings on energy and that electricity bill, it is absolutely a wise investment.
    Low maintenance cost – As stated above, one can rely on them for durability and long life, thus making that maintenance way to easy.

So illuminate your space with our large variants of lighting products without hesitation. After all, you are guaranteed those alluring benefits!

Benefits of Lighting franchise Business.

After considering the bright side of the lighting business you might be looking for led light business opportunities in India.  So you will definitely glad after knowing that we are also looking for passionate partners. Now let’s discuss the benefits that you going to enjoy after choosing our franchise. When you become a franchisee with Gopi Chand and Son, you have the chance to facilitate your local area families and businesses.  Although we can also not ignore technologies like solar power but decorative & LED lights are also playing a significant role nowadays. Aside from this, you can offer your service to property owners as we are committed to serving more efficient, reliable and safe form of lighting for all diverse kinds of environments. When you take our light franchise business opportunity, you’ll have the prospect to help numerous customers make the switch from ineffective and costly fluorescents to an efficient one.

Why choose lighting franchise or dealership from Gopi Chand and son?

As we already stated that we’re also looking for interested partner across India. We are India’s leading lighting service providers along with the large spectrum of all lights for various events and location. Gopi Chand and Son has earned reputation in the manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and exporting of finest quality modern traditional and fancy lights which are customized to customer requirement. We have experience of more than 66 years in customized handcrafted lights have already exported to countries like South Africa, USA, Australia, Canada, and the Middle East and in India, we have already lots of outlets in India like Jaipur, Pune, Indore, Bangalore, Surat, Lucknow, Jammu, Kullu, and many more places. In below we have mentioned everything which needs to get franchises for business.